Product Specialist

Selecting the audio solution that meets your needs can be quite tough. There are many products available, and comparing all their specifications can be quite challenging. Which specifications are good indicators of the best sound quality? And, which functions do I actually n​eed? Can I connect it to my existing devices? This is where the Denon Product Specialist comes in.

Up-to-date with the latest products

Denon Product Specialists are fully up-to-date with the latest Denon products as they regularly take part in Denon’s retailer training programme. A Denon Product specialist is a Denon retailer, with dedicated staff for product advice and support​.

In our retailer training programme they can train themselves on a Denon product, even before it is available in-store. With the acquired information, the dealer is able to explain to you why one device sounds better than another one. For example, did you know that there is a lot more to sound quality than just the power rating? Also, the retailer knows what devices you can connect and how to integrate them into your home network, and how you can control everything in an easy way.

Gold and Silver Product Specialists

Stores that do an ‘above average’ job when it comes to training themselves are indicated with a silver logo, and stores that do an ‘outstanding’ job are awarded with a gold logo. From these stores you can expect the best advice and product support.